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The Red Emperor

The Red Emperor
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Re: The Red Emperor

I like this a lot - simple and elegant - and I voted for it.

It could have a stronger concept - or else I'm not really getting it, I'm not very knowledgeable about emperors -and I feel like as a result, the shirt doesn't convey a how lot of meaning. I like to feel a connection to my shirt emotionally/intellectually - mentally all around - and it's even better if that message and its meaningfulness can easily impress upon other people when I'm out and about wearing the shirt.

So that's the main thing I feel lacking; and it could be a lack of meaning/too obscure for me (and maybe most others?). OR it could be the design is TOO simple and you haven't put in enough detail & art overall to portray a message - if indeed you're trying to do that, and not just making something pretty but essentially empty of meaning.

I will also note that while I *usually* only vote for shirts that I would definitely, absolutely buy and wear (or gift to a particular person), I do make occasional - like a few votes per derby on average - votes on shirts I probably or definitely WOULDN'T buy, but I either like the artist's work so much in general, or the person is a new-ish artist who I feel deserves more exposure - and so either way, I want to support the artist, even if the design isn't actually successful. And nearly always, with a few very rare exceptions since the shirt.woot derbies began, the 'support votes' are for shirts that are not anywhere NEAR the fog and will not print, so it's sort of a 'throw-away' vote but still, I hope, boosts the artist's self-esteeem and helps increase overall exposure and popularity for all other voters.

/end rant, hope it was helpful, and KEEP SUBMITTING! I'd love a response, and would be excited to see you re-work & resubmit this design as a version 2 that might have more appeal and success.

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I like the design, for the most part, as well, Nymph, but the eye could use a lot more character (ferocity) and a different shirt color would help.


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Re: The Red Emperor

Anyone else think that the eye is a little too strategically placed over the nipple?


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I love how fierce the pose/colors look, really feels like an incomplete drawing though.


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Re: The Red Emperor



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Re: The Red Emperor

I think it could be much better if it didn't have the square cropping on the top and sides. Also, it needs a nose...

Almost there.


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TikiPrincess wrote:Anyone else think that the eye is a little too strategically placed over the nipple?

I think it's a little to centered to be over the nipple. I don't know where your nipples are...

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