Derby #204: I ❤ Books!

yum... i love books!

yum... i love books!
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Re: yum... i love books!

Cool design - you obviously are a talented drawer based on the accurate perspective of the books and the robust structure of the dog, etc. BUT i think it would look a LOT better if the lines looked more natural and less like they were drawn on a computer. Also play with line thickness a bit more...

One other thing, you can totally sketch something out on one layer and then "ink" it on another layer. If you have your brush set up to go thick to thin using the stylus pressure (I'm assuming youre using a drawing tablet) then the line thickness variation is pretty easy. In the meantime, though, you can just hand draw and ink and then scan it in, too.

Keep up the good work!


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Re: yum... i love books!

This is so absolutely adorable. We have a a brand new Jack Russell puppy and me wuvs him so much ( even though he chewed the underwire out of my $85 bra)! Our big dog Max died recently and I miss him so much. This is like a mash up of both of them!

Every dog lover should vote for this so I can buy it. I have blue eyes and I love to wear blue to show them off. This shirt would make me so happy!

Love it! Vote people!

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