Derby #221: Maps Redux!

Schrodinger's Map

Schrodinger's Map
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Re: Schrodinger's Map

Please, lemme see the details.


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Re: Schrodinger's Map

Brilliant!! Unfortunately I suspect the large majority of the population would not understand it, and I can see myself getting tired of explaining to people how a cat shirt is really about quantum physics. GMV anyway


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hankescu wrote:Please, lemme see the details.

Best I can do:


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Re: Schrodinger's Map

why do you list all those colors? you dont use many of them


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I like the design but it looks like you copied and pasted it on the tee-shirt. The blue from the square on the tee-shirt and the tee-shirt itself are not the same blues :-/


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minxling wrote:Best I can do:

It should read "Heisenberg's cat is..."

Since the mathematics of the statement would then mean heisenberg's cat is not as good. Currently it's backwards Oo

clever idea anyways, dunno how many people will understand/like it, and the fonts need some work.

arright, my posting in this derby- DONE. GL to the rest of ye!!!


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Even though the concept of Schrodinger's cat still eludes me, I would buy this shirt. It would go over well with Big Bang Theory fans, I think. I attempted to explain the theory to someone today and ended up telling him to wiki it. I get the basic concept of it but not really the reasoning, I guess. I am a Penny.

Re: Schrodinger's Map

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