Derby #226: Math in Nature


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Re: Symmetry

Axis of Symmetry.


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Re: Symmetry

Great shirt, except the axis of symmetry is -b/2a, not b/2a.


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thedcontinuum wrote:Great shirt, except the axis of symmetry is -b/2a, not b/2a.

Doh. It must have gotten lost when I moved stuff around. I'll stick it back into the design file. Thanks for catching it.


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Re: Symmetry

since I'm not smart enough to know if the equation listed was right or wrong I still dig the design and love the color choices and how lays on the shirt. very wearable. you could have put e=mc2 and I still would have like the design.


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Re: Symmetry

Looks amazing boots!


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Re: Symmetry

very nice! :D


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BootsBoots wrote:Another version:

Nope, nope, nope. I'm not a fan of gray shirts - that's well-known. But I definitely prefer the cleanliness of this one to the other with the 'Matrix-y' background stuff.
Great color/light.


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Re: Symmetry

It's a nice design, but I'm afraid it would contrast with my innate asymmetricality.

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Re: Symmetry

Oh, I spoke too soon! YAY, a grey version. But for the grey-haters (unfathomable, I say)....NAVY instead, pleeeeeeeeease?

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BootsBoots wrote:Axis of Symmetry.

Death the Kid would be very proud of this shirt. It is a compliment trust me hope you do well.!

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