Derby #238: Kitties!

Breakfast is ready

Breakfast is ready
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Re: Breakfast is ready

I always prefer your slightly morbid entries to your super cute ones... +1

Nothing follows.


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Re: Breakfast is ready

The rainbows... Look a little like nyancat farted.


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Re: Breakfast is ready

Haha, good riddance!


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silverfox333 wrote:The rainbows... Look a little like nyancat farted.

The good thing about that is that it smells like strawberries now


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Re: Breakfast is ready

Never waste a perfectly good pop tart, even if the cat is still stuck to it.

Except for the toaster slot not being wide enough to actually fit a cat in, the rest of it works out well enough. GMV.

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Re: Breakfast is ready

normally not the biggest fan of your work but come on this one is funny.


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thumperchick wrote:That'll shut it up.

I agree


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