Derby #238: Kitties!

A patch of sun (Sunnier version)

A patch of sun (Sunnier version)
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Re: A patch of sun (Sunnier version)

Here's a sunnier cat magnet.

I had a lot of feedback on the brown shirt version of this. The cats are now smilier. I freed up a color so the bottom cat's eye can pop in green. It's on an olive tee and I changed the overall fur colors to get a more singular color scheme, which you may find more wearable.

There are a few other tweaks to the lighting and markings.

Thanks for checking it out.

No cats were harmed in the making of this design. ^__^



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Re: A patch of sun (Sunnier version)

I like both versions, but I think the first one still does it for me color-wise. I like the silver kitties :D. Overall I still think this design is wonderful. Buut, if you ever want to revisit it or do another version, it would be super cute if the mouse was sneaking away with a cheese ^_~. The sun-trapped kitties cannot thwart the mouse, ohnoes!

Awesome dude, I voted for both versions as well. ^_^


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Re: A patch of sun (Sunnier version)

lovely, but i preferred the original version. GMV anyway.


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Re: A patch of sun (Sunnier version)

You did a great job on this piece spirit. Your an awesome illustrator! +1


quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: A patch of sun (Sunnier version)

Ah thanks, that's very kind TJost! This was an idea that I wasn't entirely sure I could draw but I pretended it was no big deal and went for it, and hey, it came together pretty well.

Thanks bass' for all the thoughtful feedback. I like this washed out version but I do like the original colors too. If I have another swing at this someday I will add some cheese. ;)

Thanks cptgone & specmachine!


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Re: A patch of sun (Sunnier version)

The face on the kitten is so awesome. I'd buy it just for that.


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