Derby #238: Kitties!

Three's a Crowd

Three's a Crowd
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quality posts: 1 Private Messages mverc
Re: Three's a Crowd

I had a hard time submitting this with Firefrogh's shirt being submitted last night but I've been working on it since Thursday... so here it is.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages schlady
Re: Three's a Crowd

Out of all the "pocket cats" in this derby, this one's my favorite so far. I like the style of the pocket and how it looks with the rest of the art, a very cohesive design that blends well with the shirt. So many cats - looks like we need bigger shirt pockets!

"Way to leave room for the rest of us, John."


quality posts: 15 Private Messages Laureenmt
Re: Three's a Crowd

Too much gray. But very cute!


quality posts: 4 Private Messages inspektordogge
Re: Three's a Crowd

Although I don't like pocket designs, I like this one better than the one in the fog, so GMV.

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