Derby #239: The Year You Were Born: Redux!

1977 - Light Side

1977 - Light Side
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quality posts: 162 Private Messages DianaSprinkle
Re: 1977 - Light Side

"1977 - Light Side"

A mash up of R2D2 from Star Wars and the Apple II series computer. Since Both Star Wars and Apple came out in the year 1977.


quality posts: 58 Private Messages bluetuba
Re: 1977 - Light Side

1977 is the best year, and you have a vote from me my sistah!

"You can't just dress a Minion like Spock, and add a caption that says "Logical Me". There's a prison for people like that. Below my house."


quality posts: 0 Private Messages nessa204
Re: 1977 - Light Side

R2 is clearly the best there ever was.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages fourlane77
Re: 1977 - Light Side

very nice!

vote. vote. vote. vote. vote. vote.


quality posts: 17 Private Messages jeremytheindian
Re: 1977 - Light Side

How does this not have more votes... Awesome, just awesome.


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