Derby #252: Three's a Crowd

Three's A Crowd... Sometimes.

Three's A Crowd... Sometimes.
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Re: Three's A Crowd... Sometimes.

My 2nd shirt design :D

It's nerdy, so maybe noone will get it xD


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I have a PhD in particle physics and I have trouble. I do get it but there are factual mistakes. What I think you mean are stable color connections as in baryon vs. mesons. Unfortunately you show three particles of the same color, each accompanied by two smaller ones which I assume are electrons. This combination makes no sense. Either you speak of atoms, then there is no 'rule of three' or you refer to hadrons which are "colorless". There are two (known) ways to achieve this: three quarks of different colors, or a quark of one color and an antiquark carrying the corresponding anticolor.
I guess this is what you mean and it could be an awesome shirt. But there are some detailes to be ironed out.

caiterz wrote:My 2nd shirt design :D

It's nerdy, so maybe noone will get it xD

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