Derby 269: Worst. Job. EVER.

World Worst Jobs


Rejected because: Nope

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quality posts: 0 Private Messages alecito

I hope you like this kind of "humor" XDXD


quality posts: 24 Private Messages Mavyn
Re: World Worst Jobs

Unlikely to pass rejection.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


quality posts: 48 Private Messages mjc613
alecito wrote:I hope you like this kind of "humor" XDXD

Woot prints shirts for kids as well as presumed adults, and they normally reject potty humor designs. Strongly doubt they would consider printing a shirt with a sanitary napkin.


quality posts: 114 Private Messages oakenspirit
Re: World Worst Jobs

Where's the condom...

Hehe... sorry...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages danieltobey
Re: World Worst Jobs

Resub it with the 2nd place replaced, and it should be "World's" not "World" (or is it "Worlds"?)


quality posts: 0 Private Messages onegreenray

awesome humor, its only got fifty votes. that's sad, even the wife thought this was funny.

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