Derby #274: Monsters, Robots, and Aliens!


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Re: C.O.L.O.S.S.U.S.

Based on Goya's painting "The Colossus." Always one of my favorites, even though I guess it turns out he might not have done it.

6 colors on black.


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Re: C.O.L.O.S.S.U.S.

Wow, this is amazing. Not only is it ultra cool but it's smart too.

Is this your biggest robot in a derby entry so far? He really has that incredible sense of scale to him and I just love the wear on him.

Just astounding, love!

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Re: C.O.L.O.S.S.U.S.

Love Goya. And this is pretty damn fantastic.

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Re: C.O.L.O.S.S.U.S.

this is a magnificent piece you gave us, very proud to vote for it

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