I wish…

by sekiyoku


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There’s Some Great Pizza Under Manhattan Bridge

1st place in Derby #85: Circus! with 994 votes!

Once upon a time there was a little elephant. And this little elephant had a magic feather. The magic feather made the elephant believe in itself, because someone else had originally created the feather, and so the elephant was able to piggy-back on their success rather than bother to develop itself. And week after week, the elephant used the magic feather to become the star of the circus.

Then, one day, the magic feather was gone.

All the other animals laughed at the little elephant and said “Didn’t you understand? Talent doesn’t come from a magic feather! It comes from within! If you’re truly a star you don’t need the crutch of the magic feather at all!” And everyone expected the little elephant to agree with them and begin a new life based on what the little elephant was capable of, rather than just building on someone else’s work.

Instead, the little elephant went crazy and began smashing the entire circus. “Where’s my magic feather?” screamed the little elephant. “I need it! I can’t do anything without it! Give it to me!” Everyone began to scream and run, and finally, the police were called. The police eventually had to shoot the elephant with a specially made rifle that came all the way from the far off land where other elephants lived, usually feather-free.

As the body was carted away to be chopped up and fed to the lions, the other animals shook their heads sadly, wishing that the little elephant had been brave enough to just let go of its magic feather once and for all.

Wear this shirt: if you’d like to help us get rid of all that purple ink we’ve been storing. We’d sure appreciate it.

Don’t wear this shirt: with a hat shaped like a giant bird that’s missing one feather. It would change the meaning drastically.

This shirt tells the world: “Grew up in the circus. Taken from his mother. Rescued by a mysterious benefactor who trained him to be moral and the best he could be at… hang on… isn’t this Dick Grayson’s origin?”

We call this color: Black Crow

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