3nd place in Derby #540: Elements of Fashion

The cool thing about liking nerdy stuff used to be that it wasn’t cool at all. It was honest and fun and all about doing your own thing and being true to yourself no matter what.

But now it’s cool to be a nerd. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on tv. “Nerdy” majors like math and science and computer stuff lead people to better jobs and bigger paychecks. Some companies (*ahem*) have even started catering their inventory just to nerds and the things they love. All the supposedly cool people have been left out in the cold.

So are the cool people the nerds now? Are the nerds the cool people? Have we reached a point where society has become so fluid that there are no distinctions anymore? Or has the entire structure just completely turned itself on its head?

Maybe we’re all standing on the precipice of a total social revolution! Maybe our time will be looked back on as a period of astonishing social upheaval! Maybe it will be like the French Revolution only with way more Dr. Who paraphernalia.

Anyway, I think this shirt has something to do with science and like…Star Wars stuff? I’m not really sure. I studied English and this shirt honestly makes very little sense to me. I’m not cool anymore. :(

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Galactic Elements by Calbers76
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