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Big Derby News!

by Laura Duncan

Are you looking for more Derby in your life? IT’S HAPPENING! 

So a while back we noticed, and perhaps you have, too, that there's a lot DOWN TIME in the derby. It's a couple of days of rip-roaring fun and then everyone sitting around for four or five days wishing they had something else to do. What a waste, we thought! Not to mention we have some massively talented artists at our fingertips but no easy and fun way for them to help us design products like totes, aprons, journals, stickers, etc. Again, what a waste!

We took the problem to the Woot code-monkeys. "We're too busy!" they scoffed. So we purchased a dozen donuts and approached them again. This time they replied, "We can give you two derbies a week, no more." Good enough for us! 

Starting this week we have the ability to do up to two derbies a week. Occasionally we might do only one, in which case the derby works like it always has. When we run with two, here’s how it’ll all work:

We’ll announce BOTH Derbies on Thursday at 12:00pm Central. Voting and submissions for the first derby will happen over the weekend. This will often be specialized themes, like designing for aprons, totes, journals, and more. Fun! You can also use this time to design for the standard tee derby which will now launch on Monday at noon.

Winning tee designs from the second derby will print the way they always have: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place designs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Winning designs from the weekend derby will be featured in a Plus sale alongside with standard Honorable Mentions the following week.

That might be a little confusing, so here’s a calendar of upcoming dates to get you started:


Derby #381: Aprons

Derby #382: Baked Goods

Some questions you're probably asking:

So what do I get if my apron design wins this week?

-The Top 3 vote getters receive $200 plus $2 for each unit sold

-5 designs chosen by Shirt.Woot receive $2 for each unit sold

(Be sure to read up on our updated Terms and Conditions and Derby FAQ for all the important details about this stuff.)

Is this a permanent change?

This is a new thing we’re trying, so keep in mind it’s subject to tweaking as we discover what works best. You’re superstars with shirt designs, so we’re excited to see what you’ll do with all the products we’re incorporating into the Derby. Let us know what you think!