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Derby #317: Pockets PLUS bonus IRL Derby

by wootbot

We've got two Derbies this week! Sorta. Keep reading below for details on the bonus Derby! 

The theme for Derby #317 is "Pockets," one of the words that lose all meaning the more you say it. Pockets pockets pockets pockets pockets. WHAT DOES IT MEAN. 

This week we're looking for those trompe l'oeile pocket designs, such as this or this. "Trompe l'oeile" is just fancy-speak for "an optical illusion." That is: these will not be printed on actual pocket tees -- your designs should give the illusion of a pocket. Phew, belaboring is hard work. 

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We're throwing a Shirt.Woot party in Seattle on September 1st. It's going to be lots o' fun, and part of that fun will be a live In-Real-Life Derby with the theme "Blow Our Minds," in which Shirt denizens will support their favorite designs with a combination of technology and shouting. Check out this blog post for all the pertinent deets.