Derby #63: Art as Text


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Re: Green...

This one's very cute. Probably too cute for me to want to wear, but it's good nonetheless.


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Re: Green...

I love the eyes. It is very cute and although butterflies aren't normally something I go for I would probably get it. Just because in a small ways it describes me (I'm a bicycle commuter - to the extent that I don't own a car by choice)


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mmartineziii

Thanks!! I couldn't think of any nice looking bugs or creatures that could represent the "e" I figured butterflies have exotic patterns on their wings so...why not use them to take care of my dilemma


quality posts: 0 Private Messages purplecrocus83
Re: Green...

I really like this shirt, but I wish the chameleon had its other two legs. He just looks funny to me, other then that its a really cute shirt design.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mmartineziii

You know...I didn't think about it before, but when Chameleon's walk they always have each foot infront of the other (even when they are standing that I think about it)'re right, the other legs could have been nicely draw in...oh well, next time...Thanks :D


quality posts: 2 Private Messages cobolisdead
Re: Green...

Cute shirt! The lizard and the mantis are great! GMV!

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quality posts: 3 Private Messages Silverpsycho
Re: Green...

Since green is my favorite color, your mantis guy rocks and I don't have a grass green colored shirt yet...I have to vote for this one! Great work and best of luck to you.

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