Derby #80: Double-Take Derby 4


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quality posts: 0 Private Messages Barnhill5
Re: Metamorphosis

YAY It's back - I love this one and hope it prints this time!!!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Tahoe85
Re: Metamorphosis

This is a beautiful and simple shirt. This was from the "one line" derby, right? I love the simplicity of it, and the green shirt is perfect, too. GMV.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages DarkPeachTree
Re: Metamorphosis

For some reason, I didn't like most of the shirts in that derby (it was the whole "one line" subject), but this was an exception.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mdcushman75

This was the only shirt to get a vote from me in the 'one line' derby. I'm pulling for you again!


quality posts: 6 Private Messages SarahPants5
Re: Metamorphosis

This is really neat! I'd be proud to wear this. Hope it gets more attention...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages freakyface
Re: Metamorphosis

Awesome design! I hope this one makes it this time!


quality posts: 12 Private Messages FlamingoNut
Re: Metamorphosis

Being that I raise monarch caterpillars, this is totally for me, but, I sooooooo hate the shirt color

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