Derby #202: Anthropomorphic Food

Strawberry Sabotage

Strawberry Sabotage
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Re: Strawberry Sabotage

It's so creepy when cartoon mascots tell you to eat them and their friends. That's why this strawberry wants you to eat people instead.

The Chinese text says something along the lines of "Humans are good to eat" (thanks to my brother for helping out with that). Small English text underneath says "© Soylent Smoothies, Inc." and the cup has a human smiley face on it, so there are some clues to the intent even for people who don't read Chinese.

Subtle cannibalism promoted by a smoothie mascot gone rogue :D


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Re: Strawberry Sabotage

Now I want Chinese and, for some strange reason, Spam.


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Re: Strawberry Sabotage

Re: Oh!

What does it say about me as a person when my two favorites submitted reference cannibalism and inappropriate licking?

Also, I'm hungry...



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Re: Strawberry Sabotage

I wasn't too crazy about the design until I found out what the writing means. That makes it amazing.


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Re: Strawberry Sabotage

I will get this for my brother, he loves to say random and inappropriate things. Now he can say them more subtly. GMV!

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