Derby #209: Fairy Tales

Let down your...

Let down your...
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Re: Let down your...



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Re: Let down your...

My, what beautiful golden tresses she has; they look good enough to eat :-D


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Re: Let down your...

Like the design but the text doesn't seem incidental to me...

"Expect to get shot down often and hard." -- teh Great TT


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bigfoot1107 wrote:Ramenpunzel?

Great job!

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moosepod wrote:Great job!

Working on this did make me kinda hungry. I'll admit that I wasn't too sure about the text myself, but figured might as well submit as is and see what came of it... Thanks for the votes!


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This reminds me of the college days: trying to get girls and eating late night "dinners" of cup o' noodle.


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