Derby #226: Math in Nature

rainbow x 2

rainbow x 2
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quality posts: 17 Private Messages parrotworks
Re: rainbow x 2

Morning world. Happy rainbow + rainbow.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages amreli
Re: rainbow x 2

Sucker for rainbows here, so I would definitely get one!


quality posts: 14 Private Messages Jessara
Re: rainbow x 2

Last year I had to build a 3-d bit of DNA from scratch in 4 hours. Wish I'd had this then. Very nice concept. AGCT...


quality posts: 1 Private Messages aluhx
Re: rainbow x 2

Oh good god, I want this so bad.
Print print print print print D:


quality posts: 2 Private Messages longsocksilver

What does it mean?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages estherpiscore
Re: rainbow x 2

Really pretty.
Too bad I cannot get it yet :S
Would you be willing to explain to me where the math is represented?

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