Derby #299: Programming & Coding

by wootbot

Software engineers, script kittens, code goblins, whatever you people call yourselves: now's your chance to wear your code on your sleeves. (Note: we will not be printing on actual sleeves.) Show us your best programming-themed shirt design this week. Just don't hide any rootkits or Trojans in there anywhere. We're trusting you not to destroy all of our shirts.

Use of text is OK, including text-only designs.

Glow-in-the-dark ink is permitted, under these rules:

  • GITD ink counts as one of your six colors.
  • GITD ink should be represented with the approved Glow colors (hex code #fdfaea for day image, #d0fcd0 for night)
  • Glow in the dark ink MUST be placed over white ink, making white ink one of your required colors. GITD can cover all or some of the white ink. GITD should not be placed over any other color.
  • You must show both a "day" and "night" version of your design in your large comp image.
  • Your thumbnail image can show the day version, night version, or both, but should not be animated.
  • No halftones
  • We reserve the right to reject if we think the design will not give the desired effect or is otherwise unprintable.
  • Check out Tricky Treats, Ghosties, or A Lot of This Going Around for examples.

Cranberry shirts are back!