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Artists of Woot Fame

by Shirty

We want to introduce you to the artists behind the shirts. Woot doesn't come up with all of these cool designs all by themselves, you know? We crowdsource our designs from super talented artists around the globe! Every time you purchase one of our shirts, you are supporting an artist....a real live human being that needs food, shelter, and shirts (and money, probably).

We recently asked our artist community to help us put together a few designs for our customers and we only selected nine. Our artist community is much larger than that but we like to start small and then go big later. So, here are a few introductions (and their t-shirt picks) for you to read and chill with...

caityjean - Hazardous Shirts

ikado - Grumpy Kittens

thatrobert - Hipster Shirts

krittikae - Caterpillars & Butterflies

poopycakes - Turtles

apelad - Business Casual

spiritgreen - Animal Actors

wingfeather - Ultimate CON Shirts

benjaminleebates - Irreverent Shirts